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Join our Mandala of Merit!


Our growth in the past, present and continued growth in the future is directly a result of your involvement, and it is through this strong interdependent bond that we will be able to continue our Rinpoches’ boundlessly compassionate activities for all sentient beings. To directly lend a hand in our teachers’ activities is rare and precious and we greatly rejoice in the vast merit that you have accumulated through your contributions.

This year, anyone who donates any amounts towards any of our projects will be warmly welcomed into our Mandala of Merit.

Our Target by April 2013 : US$50,000

  • General Use US$15,000 (including Translations & Publications and Gomde Cooperstown)
  • Zangdok Palri US$10,000
  • Monastic Education US$10,000
  • Vajravarahi Clinic US$10,000
  • Tibetan Medicine Training US$5,000