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Land Consecration – Chapagaon Dharma School

It is with great joy that we bring you news of the Chapagaon Dharma School. On the day of the Great Festival of Miracles (22 Feb 2016), we initiated the ground levelling on the site of the Dharma School. The land on which the school will be built is uneven with three different ground levels, so we have now brought them all to the same level, approximately 9 feet below the original monastery.

Then subsequently on Dakini Day (4 March 2016), Kyabje Chokling Rinpoche and Tulku Rigzin Pema Rinpoche came to consecrate and bless the land, burying a geomancy earth vase specially made by Tulku Rigzin Pema Rinpoche. It was a beautiful day where the sky was clear, our monks from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery and the monks from Chapagaon Monastery themselves preparing everything needed for the ceremony.

Read more about the school here and click here to contribute to this meritorious project.